The Project
Concept Images
These are images presented by the Developer for the purpose of giving the community an impression of the design quality & aesthetics.  These are pictures of existing casinos that mirror the design alone.  The Ridgecrest casino will be a scaled-down version of these samples.
  1. External Facility
    External Facility
  2. Casino Floor
    Casino Floor
  3. Casino Floor (Table View)
    Casino Floor (Table View)
  4. Entertainment Lounge Interior
    Entertainment Lounge Interior
  5. Cocktail Bar Interior
    Cocktail Bar Interior
  6. Interior of Dining
    Interior of Dining
  7. Interior of Dining
    Interior of Dining
  8. Interior of Steakhouse (Phase II)
    Interior of Steakhouse (Phase II)
Project Details

Proposed Location

The Gaming Facility proposed location would be on the east side of China Lake Blvd. between Desert Valleys FCU and the Main Gate of the Base.  The current proposal demonstrates the Developers interest in expanding by purchasing more parcels than the Phase I build will require.

Scope of the Project

The following project details represent the scope of the gaming facility development as proposed by the Developer.

Phase I

  1. Building
    20,000 sq ft
  2. Casino
    10,000 sq ft (349 slots, 6 tables)
  3. Entertainment Lounge
    3,000 sq ft
  4. Meeting Rooms
    2,000 sq ft (2 rooms)
  5. Restaurant & Buffet
    130 seats
  6. Players Club & Shop
    500 sq ft

Total Cost = $29,000,000

Phase II

  1. Hotel & Pool
    80 rooms
  2. Theater Venue
    5,000 seats
  3. Steakhouse
    80 seats

Total Cost = $16,800,000


These employment numbers were calculated by the Developer.
  1. 100
    Constructions Jobs (Portion may be local contractors)
  2. 180
    Entertainment Casino New Jobs (Phase I) (7th largest employer)
  3. 70
    Induced Jobs (Represents jobs created due to project)
  4. $6,900,000
    Payroll, Benefits, & Taxes (excludes tips)
  5. $38,044
    Average Cost per Employee
  6. $2,200,000
    Estimated Local Spending by Employees
  7. 36
    20% of Jobs created will require housing
  8. 90+
    Portion of jobs created at an excellent wage


These benefits were presented by the Developer and are a result of his business feasibility study.
  1. 0
    An Economic Engine for Ridgecrest
  2. 1
    New Revenue Source from the Facility & Ancillaries
  3. 2
    Casino Gaming Benefits
  4. 4
    Economic Revitalization
  5. 4
    Adding Revenues & Benefits from Building the Facility
  6. 5
    "8 Times Economic Multiplier Effect"


These visitation calculations were made by the Developer during his business feasibility study.

Market Demand Model has Four Distinct Markets:
(These are the markets that would provide patronage to the casino)

  1. Residential Market
  2. Localized Tourist/Base Market
  3. Resort Overnight Market
  4. Highway Intercept

Gravity models are used to calculate revenue models.
3 major components are:
(These are the factors used at the casino to calculate revenue)

  1. Frequency of Attendance
  2. Spend per Visit
  3. Competitive Adjustment

Competitive Adjustment differences are:
(These are the elements that will distinguish the Ridgecrest casino and attract patronage)

  1. Facility Size
  2. Quality
  3. Visibility
  4. Advertising & Branding

Main Area Sources:
(These are the areas where visitors will be traveling from to visit the casino)

  • Tehachapi
  • California City
  • Rosamond
  • Barstow
  • Lancaster/Palmdale
  • Bus Visitors to Death Valley
  • Highway 395 Intercepts

Benefits to Local Ridgecrest Businesses:
(These are the benefits Ridgecrest will experience from the influx of projected visitors)

  • Increased traffic to/from the new Walmart & local businesses (sales tax revenue)
  • Increase in visitation will increase hotel stay & the TOT tax
  • Increase in gasoline taxes from additional tourists
  • Increase in growth to Ridgecrest
  • Draw of out of town visitors will result in sustained economic growth
  • 66% of visitation to the casino will be from the Resident Market, Localized Tourists/Base Market, & Resort Overnight Marketing
    • These numbers represent visitors who are already in Ridgecrest or already coming to Ridgecrest for shopping, Base work, etc.

  • 34% of visitation to the casino will be from outside the 25 mile "local" market, comprising 67,000 new visitors annually either by bus, car or truck
    • These numbers represent new visitors that will be attracted to Ridgecrest due to the draw of the casino
  1. Ridgecrest Travel Times
    Ridgecrest Travel Times
  2. Ridgecrest Travel Time
    Ridgecrest Travel Time
  3. Population Density (Market Area)
    Population Density (Market Area)